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Kennebunk wedding.

Who's that bride? Christ Church was chosen by Taylor Swift for the wedding scene in her romantic music video, "Mine."

Weddings at Christ Church
The church holds 288 people on the main floor, and the balcony pews can hold an additional 42 wedding guests.
Christ Church is a lovely historic building in the center of a charming village near the Southern Maine coast. The church was built in 1826, and is where  hundreds of weddings have been consecrated.  Equipped with a hybrid pipe organ as well as a grand piano, a soaring ceiling, great acoustics, and elegantly simple decor, it is the perfect location for any wedding, regardless of size or orientation.
Our pastor is always happy to meet with couples to plan a meaningful and dignified wedding ceremony.  For more information, please call the church office at 207-985-4494.
Christ Church has excellent facilities for weddings, such as spacious dressing rooms, a capacious kitchen, and a fellowship hall that can seat 80 people, for wedding preparation and reception.  There are 2 parking lots, and the building is handicap-accessible throughout.

Marriage in the Church
Marriage, in the teachings and beliefs of Christianity, is analogous to the relationship between God and God’s people;  “I will be your God and you will be my people.” (Genesis 17:7)  The Bible  is about people trying to live faithfully and honorably in this covenant relationship with a loving and faithful God. Marriage is founded on this image of love and faithfulness between God and the community of believers.  So, when you are married in a Christian church, you are supported by and, in turn symbolize, a sacred relationship. Thus, the wedding ceremony should be approached with great joy and reverence.
To assure that the wedding is a meaningful and personal ceremony celebrating the sacrament of marriage, the wedding party will have a brief rehearsal the day before the wedding, at which time all honoraria and the wedding license will be provided to the minister.  Due to the solemnity inherent in a church wedding, there can be no flash cameras or obvious photography equipment during the wedding ceremony. It is a general policy of Christ Church not to conduct weddings during the seasons of Advent and Lent. 
Additional Wedding Notes:
Fellowship Hall
Christ Church -- Changing lives through Christ 

​                                                   Come worship with us!  9:30 a.m. Sunday -- Morning Worship  
Ladies' Dressing Room
We are a welcomingand 
Open and Affirming Church!  
ALL Christian believers are welcome to participate in the rites of the church.
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Christ Church
 is a Federated congregation, 
United Methodist Church and
United Church of Christ

Christ Church
6 Dane Street
P.O.Box 87
Kennebunk ME 04043
207 985-4494